Wednesday , July 24 2024


Water Diplomacy Woes in the Persian Gulf: Navigating Water Scarcity in the UAE and Iran

Water crisis in the Persian Gulf presents a multifaceted challenge, as it plays a critical role in climate adaptation and mitigation, environmental damages and conflicts in the region. The varying water scarcity challenges among Gulf countries raise questions about how it will affect their collective efforts against water scarcity. As COP28 …

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Eastern Mediterranean Natural Gas Exploration Dispute

Disputes over right to explore gas in Eastern Mediterranean have become a very contentious issue during the last few years. Especially after Turkey in January 2020 signed maritime deal with the Tripoli- based Government of National Accord (GNA). Turkey signed the bilateral maritime deal with Libya in response to the …

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Iran option for EU to diversify gas resources: Expert

On Nov. 29, John McCarrick, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Department of State’s Bureau of Energy Resources, stated that the US opposed to multiple Turkish Stream gas pipeline projects planned by Russia to deliver gas to Turkey. To know more about the reasons behind the US concerns over …

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