Wednesday , July 24 2024

About Me

Dr. Umud Shokri is a prominent authority in energy strategy and foreign policy, holding a Ph.D. in International Relations. He is renowned for his expertise in global energy dynamics, climate change, clean energy technologies, energy security, and geopolitics. As the author of “US Energy Diplomacy in the Caspian Sea Basin: Changing Trends Since 2001,” his contributions to international relations are substantial.

Dr. Shokri’s extensive knowledge spans diverse areas. He conducts pioneering research on the energy transition landscape, examining policies, technologies, and market dynamics driving the shift toward clean and renewable energy sources. Additionally, he focuses on the role of critical minerals in renewable energy technologies and the associated geopolitics and supply chain challenges.

At George Mason University, he serves as a senior visiting fellow, sharing his wisdom with future energy and foreign policy leaders. Driven by his passion for renewable energy, he advocates for its transformative potential in addressing climate change. His research also extends to electric vehicles (EVs), where he explores policies, infrastructure, and market dynamics crucial for global EV adoption and sustainable transportation. Beyond energy and climate, Dr. Shokri delves into geopolitics. He analyzes Iranian regional and foreign policy, trade, security, military relations with neighbors, and regional rivalries in the Middle East, offering valuable insights into the impacts of these rivalries across the region.

Furthermore, he provides valuable perspectives on U.S. relations with the Caucasus, Central Asia, GCC, and MENA, enhancing our understanding of global politics and energy security. Dr. Shokri’s writings cover various topics, from analyzing politics and economics in oil-rich nations to advocating sustainable urban development and the global transition to clean energy. His influence extends to major news outlets, including The New York Times, Al Jazeera, Liberation, Asharq News, and CNN Arabia.

Driven by the urgency of an energy transition and climate change, he tirelessly promotes clean energy adoption and a sustainable future. In conclusion, Dr. Umud Shokri’s legacy is poised to shape clean energy adoption, climate action, and international relations. Through his groundbreaking research, analyses, and unwavering dedication, he paves the way for a greener and more prosperous tomorrow. His impact resonates across academia, policy, and the global community, driving transformative change for years to come.