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Omid Shokri Kalehsar is a Washington-based Senior  Energy Diplomacy and Energy Security  Analyst, and also analyst at Gulf State Analytics (GSA) ,currently serving as a Visiting Research Scholar in the Schar, School of Policy and Government at George Mason University. Omid holds PhD in International Relations. He earned his Master’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations and another MA in Translation Studies from Istanbul University, Turkey.

His primary research interest lies in Energy diplomacy, U.S. energy policy, geopolitics of energy, Iran-Turkey relations and Iran-Russia relations. He has ten years of extensive professional experience in global energy market studies, energy security and geopolitical risk. He has published articles in various academic journals including Energy Intelligence, Energy and Environment, Middle East Policy, National Interest, Oil and Gas Journal and appeared on the various media outlets, including Trtworld, China Global Television Network,Voice of America, BBC Persian, Deutsche Welle,Sputnik News and several others.




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